Woodworm Treatment Ireland by Protum.ie Protum Services Ltd.

Woodworm Treatment Ireland by Protum.ie Protum Services Ltd.

What Is Woodworm / Wood Worm?

Different wood boring insects

Most common causes of wood worm: furniture beetle.

‘Woodworm’ is the term used to describe a number of wood boring insects but mainly applies to the commonly called furniture beetle.  Although called a furniture beetle, they attack more than furniture, floorboards, joists, architraves, and other important timbers in your building. These insects inhabit wood, lay their eggs, and feed upon the timber.

Woodworm Video – Watch Protum.ie Woodworm video here:

Identifying Woodworm:

– Tiny Holes
– Dust
– Crumbling Timber

woodworm 1 treatment in ireland by Protum Services-2

You may not see the insects themselves, but you will be able to see the tiny holes in your floorboards or architraves.  Often, there will be dust around the holes where the insects have bored in to the timber. Where the timber has been badly attacked, the timber will be almost ready to crumble into dust or have already disintegrated.

P woodworm site

Woodworm Treatment – 1st Step:

– Identify woodworm species
– Identify most effective treatment

Cut out and burn all structurally weakened timbers.  Infested timbers not structurally weakened can be saved with our chemical treatment

Ensure that all replacement timber is pre-treated with our dual purpose wood preservative or similar that will resist wood rotting fungi and boring beetles.

The first stage of the process involves identifying the species of woodworm and uncovering whether or not the infestation is still active in the wood. Infected wood is then inspected to determine whether it needs to be treated or removed. Protum.ie then identify the most effective woodworm treatment.

Woodworm 2 on rafter 2

Woodworm Treatment – 2nd Step:

Specialised Water based chemicals should be used.

After Protum have treated the effected area, re-entry is possible after just 1 hour.

Protum will treat the effected area and all surrounding timbers.

Protum.ie offer a 20 Year Guarantee on Woodworm Treatment.

Protum use special wood preservatives that are bicontinuous microemulsion concentrates, cleared under the Control of Pesticides Regulations for professional use and granted 1-hour re-entry clearance. The water based  range offers excellent penetration to timber and is non hazardous and non flammable.
Protum will also treat surrounding timbers around the woodworm effected timbers.

Woodworm treatment 3 by Protum Services-2

Think you have woodworm?
If you have seen any sign of woodworm infestation in your home or if you’re purchasing a new house which you suspect may be effected by wood worm, contact Protum Services for immediate assistance.

For more information on woodworm in your building, home and woodworm treatment please see http://www.Protum.ie, or click through to the section on woodworm on Protum.ie, or contact Protum Services Ltd. today by phoning: 053 94 31 003 / 087 660 1428

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