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Woodworm Treatment Ireland by Protum Services Ltd.

Woodworm Treatment Ireland by Protum Services Ltd. What Is Woodworm / Wood Worm? Different wood boring insects Most common causes of wood worm: furniture beetle. ‘Woodworm’ is the term used to describe a number of wood boring insects but mainly applies to the commonly called furniture beetle.  Although called a furniture beetle, they attack […]

Rising Damp / Damp Proofing – Causes & Cures and rising damp video / damp proofing video

Protum Services: Restoration & Preservation Services in Ireland. Rising Damp Rising Damp is one of the main causes of dampness. Rising damp is common in buildings where there was no damp proof course or where the damp proof course has disintegrated. As there is no barrier, water will soak up through the brickwork from below […]

Martello Tower – Blackrock – Restoration

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council have just announced plans for the restoration of the Martello tower in Williamstown, close to Blackrock. The Martello towers in Ireland are a prominent feature of Georgian defence architecture – however, over the years some of these towers have fallen into disrepair. We will discuss the original motivations behind the […]

Irish Architecture – St Aengus Church – Burt Co. Donegal

St. Aengus’ Church in Burt, Co. Donegal, is a prime example of irish architecture. It was completed in 1967 by local award winning architects Liam McCormack and Frank Corr. Over the years the building has been damaged through wear and tear. We uncover the inspiration behind this celebrated church, the current problems it faces, and […]

Architecture in Ireland – Building Conservation – Societies

Below we cover a brief  history of architecture in Ireland, and details some of the many architectural conservation societies, charities and trusts dedicated to building conservation in Ireland. Historic Buildings – Ireland Ireland has a rich architectural heritage with influences from all over Europe. From the early Christian era, through the Georgian and Victorian periods […]

Protected Structures – Ireland

Ireland is renowned worldwide for its rich architectural heritage and high number of protected historical structures. In this article we will discuss what a protected structure is and how it is identified and assessed in Ireland. We will look at the responsibilities the owner or resident of a protected structure has and the restrictions faced […]

Tax Incentives 2013 – Living City Initiative – Georgian Buildings

A new initiative has been announced in the ‘Finance Bill 2013’ called the ‘Living City Initiative, a Pilot Project for Urban Regeneration’. Under new tax incentives in 2013, the scheme will encourage owner occupiers and business owners to renovate and restore their Georgian buildings and old historic buildings in certain targeted city areas. We look […]

Dampness – Rising Damp – Damp Proofing – Ireland

If the walls in your house are damp, this is not necessarily a case of rising damp. This article covers the difference between dampness and rising damp and explains what is damp proofing? It also covers some of the associate risks of living in a damp house. What is Rising Damp? Rising damp is the […]

Dublin City Centre – Regeneration of Thomas Street

There have been plans for a major regeneration of Thomas Street for a number of years now. Dublin City Council, in conjunction with the Dublin Civic Trust, had produced a document in 2009 whereby it identified the area as a special ‘Architectural Conservation Area’. Dublin City Council were supportive of regeneration plans but to date, […]

Wet Rot – Treatment for Wet Rot

The below article details the causes of wet rot, how to identify wet rot, and what are the available wet rot treatments What is Wet Rot? Wet rot is basically the natural process by which wood decays in the presence of high levels of moisture, and if left untreated can cause structural house problems. It relies on a high moisture […]