Rising Damp / Damp Proofing – Causes & Cures and rising damp video / damp proofing video

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Rising Damp
Rising Damp is one of the main causes of dampness.

Rising damp is common in buildings where there was no damp proof course or where the damp proof course has disintegrated. As there is no barrier, water will soak up through the brickwork from below ground level through your walls and cause damp related problems.

Rising Damp Problem:
– Unsightly damp patches.
– Flaking plasterwork.
– Damage to timbers / floor joists.
– Mould growth.
– Wet Rot Development.
– Dry Rot Development.

Rising damp; This is caused by moisture rising in the walls by capillary action.  Persistent rising dampness often takes from the soil – chlorides, nitrates and other salts which are deposited on the face of the plaster as the water evaporates from the surface.  Such salts are hygroscopic with the effect that the face of the wall has the tendency of being persistently damp.  Particularly during periods of humidity of the atmosphere, even after the rising damp has been arrested.

Dampness in your walls left untreated can lead to rotten timbers (joists / floors), mould development, wet rot and dry rot.

Flaking Paint

Photo: Flaking paintwork – one of the potential signs of a rising damp problem.

Dry Rot: Fungal Attack On Timber

All timber in a persistently damp state is likely to be attacked by wood rotting fungi.  In particular, floor timbers which may not have been treated, the backs of timber skirtings and joinery timbers in contact with the damp walls are likely to be attacked.

flaking skirting                                         

Photo: Flaking timber / skirting – one of the possible signs of a rising damp problem.

How To Test For Rising Damp

The source of a rising damp problem is determined by Protum Services through the analysis of data provided by an electronic moisture meter backed up in some cases by laboratory tests.

Rising Damp Treatment:
Chemical Injection Damp Proofing

Chemical injection involves the injection of specialised chemicals into brick, block and stone walls to prevent moisture from entering a premises. Protum Services use different chemical compounds and methods when treating rising damp depending on the particular damp problem.

Damp Proofing TreatmentChemical injection damp proofing by Protum.ie

Protum Services: Restoration & Preservation Services in Ireland.

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  1. Thanks for helping me learn more about rising damp. You mentioned that the dampness on the walls could potentially lead to rotten timbers. It sounds important to address the rising damp problem as soon as it’s noticed, especially to prevent any additional damage.

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