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Irish Architecture – St Aengus Church – Burt Co. Donegal

St. Aengus’ Church in Burt, Co. Donegal, is a prime example of irish architecture. It was completed in 1967 by local award winning architects Liam McCormack and Frank Corr. Over the years the building has been damaged through wear and tear. We uncover the inspiration behind this celebrated church, the current problems it faces, and […]

Architecture in Ireland – Building Conservation – Societies

Below we cover a brief ┬áhistory of architecture in Ireland, and details some of the many architectural conservation societies, charities and trusts dedicated to building conservation in Ireland. Historic Buildings – Ireland Ireland has a rich architectural heritage with influences from all over Europe. From the early Christian era, through the Georgian and Victorian periods […]

Protected Structures – Ireland

Ireland is renowned worldwide for its rich architectural heritage and high number of protected historical structures. In this article we will discuss what a protected structure is and how it is identified and assessed in Ireland. We will look at the responsibilities the owner or resident of a protected structure has and the restrictions faced […]