If the walls in your house are damp, this is not necessarily a case of rising damp. This article covers the difference between dampness and rising damp and explains what is damp proofing? It also covers some of the associate risks of living in a damp house. What is Rising Damp? Rising damp is the […]

There have been plans for a major regeneration of Thomas Street for a number of years now. Dublin City Council, in conjunction with the Dublin Civic Trust, had produced a document in 2009 whereby it identified the area as a special ‘Architectural Conservation Area’. Dublin City Council were supportive of regeneration plans but to date, […]

The below article details the causes of wet rot, how to identify wet rot, and what are the available wet rot treatments What is Wet Rot? Wet rot is basically the natural process by which wood decays in the presence of high levels of moisture, and if left untreated can cause structural house problems. It relies on a high moisture […]

This piece takes a quick look at the planned reconstruction and restoration of an old historic building; St Mel’s Cathedral in Longford, which was destroyed by fire on Christmas Day 2009. At around five o’clock on Christmas morning 2009, a fire broke out in the rear of St Mel’s Cathedral. Fire services did their best […]

This article covers how to identify dry rot, what the causes are, and dry rot treatments in Ireland.Dry rot in Ireland is a particular problem because our Irish climate is ideal for the germination and growth of the fungus. Serpula Lacrymann, or “dry rot” as its more commonly known, is a fungus which attacks and […]